12 April 2024
How Much Does a Breeze Vape Cost?

The Breeze Vape is meant to be easy to carry with you because of its compact and portable form factor. Because of this, it provides a pleasant feel and makes it possible to store it easily in pockets or bags. Your time spent vaping will be more enjoyable with the help of various functions concealed behind its sophisticated design. In this article, we’ll talk about how much does a breeze vape cost.

Breeze Vape Cost: Tips for Choosing the Best Vape

Choosing the best Breeze Vape pen from all the available models might be difficult. To help you decide, think about the following details:

  • Preference in Use

    Choose whether you want basic, personalized, or a mix. You can pick out the perfect Breeze Vape model for you using this information.
  • Battery Capacity

    If you’re often on the go, you need a vape with a lengthy battery life to keep your sessions going smoothly.
  • Choices in Flavor

    Make sure you can try out a variety of breeze THC vape flavors by checking the device’s compatibility with a large selection of e-liquid varieties.
  • Reviews and suggestions

    If you want to know which vape brands and models are worth your money, research and read reviews from trusted sites or ask other vapers for advice.

Series and Cost of the Breeze Vaporizer

The Breeze Plus and the Breeze Pro are two of Breeze Smoke’s most successful pod systems. Both machines provide excellent vapor production, although one may be preferable to another, depending on the user’s preferences.

  • Breeze Pro Series Costs and Specifics

The Breeze Pro is an upgraded and improved version of the Breeze Plus, making it a superior pod system. The Breeze Pro’s increased battery capacity (1000mAh) is one of the most notable upgrades since it extends the time users may spend vaping before recharging.

How Much Does a Breeze Vape Cost?

The Breeze Pro’s maximum wattage output of 25 watts is more than that of the Breeze Plus, resulting in more robust and tasty vapor production. The Breeze Pro also allows customers to pick from a broader selection of coils since it is compatible with both BP and Breeze U-Tech. The Breeze Pro’s 3ml pod can contain more e-liquid than the Breeze Plus’s 2ml pod can, so it won’t need to be refilled as often.

Breeze Pro – $19.99

Breeze Pro Zero Nic – $15.99

  • Costs and Specifics for the Breeze Plus Series

The Breeze Plus series is a disposable e-cigarette brand that prioritizes ease of use and portability above other features, appealing to smokers who want a vaping choice that doesn’t need regular upkeep. The Breeze Plus devices come with a 1000-mm battery. They are pre-filled with 5% nicotine salt e-liquid, a kind of nicotine noted for producing a more refined and enjoyable vaping experience.

The extended battery life of the Breeze Plus series is one of its defining features, allowing for more time spent vaping between charges. In addition to being small and light, the gadgets are also quite portable. Like all of their other products, there are no buttons or pods to press, making them simple and convenient.

How Much Does a Breeze Vape Cost?

Breeze Plus 5% Nic – $13.99

Breeze Plus Zero Nic – $11.32

An Overview of Breeze Vape Flavors

The Breeze Plus and Breeze Pro series from Breeze Vape are among their most well-known products. Choosing just one flavor from any of these lines is challenging since many options exist. This post will focus on the best Breeze Plus and Breeze Pro vape juice flavors.

Best Three Breeze Plus Vape Flavors

Here are the top three Breeze Plus vape favors:

  • Blueberry Lemon

    The taste is the ideal combination of sweet and sour. Combining blueberry and lemon makes for a tasty and pleasant vapor experience.
  • Candy Hearts

    Those with a sweet taste will love this flavor. It has a candy-like flavor thanks to a combination of several fruity ingredients.
  • Cherry Frost

    Cherry and mint come together harmoniously in this taste. This flavor is for you if you like fruity flavors and a refreshing sip.

The Best Three Breeze Pro Flavors

Now, let’s know about the best three flavors of Breeze Pro:

  • Blueberry Banana

    The blueberry and banana taste combination in this product is unlike any other. The combination of the two tastes is fruity and delicious.
  • Bubble Gum Freeze

    Those who prefer sweet and minty flavors will like this flavor. It provides a tasty and refreshing vaping experience with bubble gum and mint scents.
  • Lush Ice

    The watermelon and mint flavors in this are harmonious. Because of its cooling properties, it is an excellent option on hot summer days.
How Much Does a Breeze Vape Cost?


The Breeze Vape product line has a flexible price structure to accommodate customers with a broad range of budgets. There’s likely to be a favorite among various tastes, from sugary fruits to spicy peppers. 

Breeze Vape is an excellent option for people who want to start their own company reselling vape and electronic cigarette items. Businesses of all sizes may afford to stock up on the brand’s items for their clients thanks to the enormous savings many wholesale distributors offer for purchases of significant quantities.

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