19 July 2024
How to Open Vape Juice Bottle?

Investing in new vaping bottles can be an exciting experience. Discovering different flavors and brands of e-liquid is one of the highlights of vaping, and new juices are constantly entering the market. Thus, there is no shortage of options to explore. But do you know how to open vape juice bottle?

However, some vapers may still struggle with the proper technique to open and use a shortfill bottle. Certain methods increase the risk of spills or damage to the bottle. Further in this article, we will explore the proper guide to offer help to open the vaping bottles carefully.

Issue You May Face While Opening the Vaping Bottles

Opening vape juice bottles might be challenging for novice users or beginners. But, it is simple if you know the right trick. Vape juice bottles have premium safety features, which help to guarantee that the product is not damaged before initial use. Also, read about how long vape juice lasts in our latest blog section.

However, still, there are still common problems that users generally face when they try to open the vape bottle for the first time. Here, we have mentioned some of them: 

  • Childproof Cap

These caps are significantly more secure than ordinary screw caps and require a specific opening method. It comprises an inner cap and an outer cap, which need to be twisted simultaneously to open the bottle which can be confusing for some people. The UK government approves this particular design for all nicotine-containing products to guarantee child-resistant packaging.

  • Liquid Gases

If a vape liquid is shelved for an extended period, the gases released by the juice can compress the cap closely. This compression creates difficulty in easily opening the bottle.

  • Leakage Protection

If a bottle is opened and stored horizontally, there are leakage chances of e-liquid. The leakage occurs due to a loosely secured cap. If the leaking is not managed quickly, the liquid can evaporate and leave a sticky residue between the thread and the bottle cap. This residue will cause difficulty in opening the cap.

How to Open Vape Juice Bottle?

Measures to Open the Vaping Bottles

It can be not easy to open your vaping bottle at some times. Once you remove the outer cap, opening the inner cap can be quite challenging. These childproof caps are secured carefully, but it is necessary to remove the inner cap properly. Here are some tips to remove both the outer cap and inner cap easily without any spill or damage: 

  • Simply Rotate the Caps

Removing the outer cap is typically a simple task. You just have to twist it in a counterclockwise direction, and it comes off easily. You can use the thin edge of the cap, similar to a screwdriver, to remove the inner cap. 

It can be not easy to twist the cap on your bottle, and it might be due to slipperiness. Make sure the bottle is completely dry and not leaking any liquid. You can improve your grip by using a towel, rubber gloves, tweezers, or pliers.

How to Open Vape Juice Bottle?
  • Use a Cap-Removing Tool

Many vaping bottle cap removal tools are incredibly convenient choices. It provides a secure and effective method for opening challenging childproof caps. These are just like the traditional bottle opener featuring a metal cap removal component. 

Additionally, it includes a fashionable neck chain for easy portability. It is designed as a lightweight tool that effortlessly helps in opening various bottle sizes, ranging from 10ml to 120ml in size, including shortfill bottles.

  • Screwdriver Can Help

Another method to open a vaping bottle is by using a screwdriver. It is necessary to prevent any accidents, such as the screwdriver slipping, and use it carefully. Always use a flat-headed screwdriver and place it between the vaping bottle cap’s lower part and the holding segment. 

By locking the screwdriver with your thumb, it can act as a pivot, which helps you to convert it into a lever. Gently pivot the screwdriver downwards, and the cap will easily come off. This technique can be used in opening the bottles by using a butter knife.

How to Open Vape Juice Bottle?


It is important to open your vaping bottle to add nicotine shots. But, it can be frustrating if you are unable to do so immediately. One effective solution is to purchase a cap opening tool, which can simplify the process. However, if a tool is not available, you can try using a screwdriver or a flat knife. 

You must avoid using any sharp objects or your teeth. However, this guide has provided you with detailed instructions on how to open e-juice bottles without any difficulty. By following the steps, you will definitely be able to open the bottle easily.

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