19 May 2024
Can You Bring Vapes to Mexico? Rules & Travel Tips

Planning a trip to Mexico this holiday and thinking about taking your vaping products? And wondering whether can you bring vapes to Mexico? Then you must have proper knowledge of the legal status of vape products in Mexico. 

Mexico has banned the use, purchase, and sale of vaping devices, e-cigarettes, and other similar products within the country unless you have a proper prescription for medical use. Also, getting caught with vape products can lead to penalties and punishments. 

Below we will discuss everything you need to know about bringing vapes to Mexico including rules and travel tips.

Can You Bring Vapes to Mexico? Is it Legal to Bring Vapes to Mexico? 

The Mexican government has restricted or banned the use of commercialization or circulation of electronic nicotine administrative systems such as e-cigarettes and vape devices. Not only that, the use of mixture or substances of these devices separately. So, according to the law carrying vape products and bringing them to the country is illegal. And, if you are a law-abiding person, you must not bring vape products to Mexico unless you obtain a proper medical prescription for using the vape product.

Reasons Behind the Ban on Vapes in Mexico 

The primary reason why the Mexican government has banned the use or circulation of vape products is because they perceive vaping as harmful to health. They think vaping is-

  • A getaway from drugs and smoking
  • The government decree also claims that the products contain toxic elements causing respiratory disease, addiction, cardiovascular hazards, cancer, and other health problems.
  • The government claims most vaping products target children and adolescents to market their products.
  • Currently, no vapes are regulated by any authority. 

What Happens When You Get Caught With a Vape in Mexico? 

Circulation and consumption of carrying vape products are strictly illegal in Mexico. If you are found carrying vape products in Mexico you can face penalties and punishments depending on the severity of your crime rate. Here is a list of punishment you can face if you disobey the law-

Can You Bring Vapes to Mexico? Rules & Travel Tips
  • Fines
  • Confiscation Of The Vaping Products
  • Administrative Or Criminal Charges
  • Detention Or Arrest

How to Avoid Confiscation of Vapes at Mexico Customs? 

Vaping is banned in Mexico and if one is caught carrying vapes to the country, they can be penalized and their vapes will be confiscated. Here are some tips to take vapes to the country without being detected at customs.

  • Consider packing your e-liquid and vape in your checked luggage. Avoid putting them in your personal items bag.
  • Try disassembling your vape device and keep the parts separately.  For example, try putting the coils, batteries, and the tank in different bags. This will help you avoid detection.
  • Try hiding your vape device and e-liquid among items that look similar in color, shape, or size. You can use your make-up or toiletry bag for this.
  • Do not mention your e-liquid or vape device at the customs. You can also try to deny if you are verbally asked about carrying vapes.
  • Avoid bringing vapes and e-liquids in larger amounts. This will only increase your chances of getting caught with these items.

Travel Tips for Vape Users in Mexico 

If you are a vaper traveling to Mexico, you must be already aware of the fact that bringing vapes to the country is difficult because of the ban. But even when you somehow bring vapes to Mexico without any legal hazard, you should be cautious while using your vape in the country. Here are travel tips for vape users in Mexico.

  • Avoid vaping in front of local people

    Vaping is illegal in Mexico and you should avoid vaping in front of local people or in any public place where there are local folks. In many cases, locals may not like a foreigner defying their government rules and end up reporting you if you vape in front of them.
  • Avoid vaping in front of authorities

    Vaping in front of authorities can lead to various serious outcomes. They may arrest you, confiscate your vape, or at least fine you if you are seen vaping.
  • Avoid vaping in front of teenagers and children

    The Mexican government deems vaping as harmful and threatening to minors. So if you vape in front of children and teenagers, you may accused of promoting the use of vapes.

Can You Buy Vape in Mexico? 

Buying or selling vapes is illegal in Mexico. However, some local vendors manage to acquire vapes from the global market through friends, relatives, couriers, and even smugglers. They also hide the products using fake labels. Vapes are sold unofficially in Mexico. You may find some local bars in Cancun offering illegal vapes. But buying vapes in Mexico through illegal means can be risky, especially for travelers. That is why, it is best to avoid buying vapes from unofficial local sellers in Mexico.


Mexico has banned the use, sale, and purchase of, e-cigarettes, vape products, and similar products within the country’s broader. The country only allows medical use of vaping products. And if you get caught up carrying vape products during travel you can be detained or face a hefty penalty as a consequence of breaking local law. Above, we have discussed everything you need to learn about traveling to Mexico with vape products.   

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