19 May 2024
Can You Refill Vape Cartridges?

Vape pens have become a popular choice to take cannabis. However, many vape users find disposable vape cartridges expensive and wasteful as you need to change the cartridge every time you run out of oil. That is why many vape pen users wonder whether they can refill their vape cartridge to enjoy vaping without changing the cartridge frequently. So can you refill vape cartridges? 

Well, it is possible to refill your vape cartridge, but it also contains both pros and cons. And mostly, it is not advisable due to safety reasons. Here, we will discuss it in more detail. Also don’t forget to read whether Can I refill a disposable vape pen or not.

Is It Possible to Refill a Vape Cartridge? 

In a word, yes, there are two (primary) types of vape cartridges available in the market. One is reusable, and the other is one-time disposable. While the reusable ones are ideal for refills, most vape pen brands use disposable vape cartridges for better performance. 

The disposable vape cartridges are also refillable but tend to leakage, contamination, mixed flavors, etc., and are primarily not the preferable method if you want a smooth and hassle-free vaping experience.

Different Methods of Refilling Vape Cartridges

Before we discuss more about the positives and negatives of refilling a vape cartridge, let’s have a brief look at the different types of cartridge capping and refilling methods. Below, we will discuss them in detail-

  • Pre-capped

The pre-capped cartridge is the most popular and widely used method of vape cartridge capping as it automatically seals the cartridge once the tank is filled, and there is no way to refill it. The pre-capped cartridge is loaded from the bottom with a syringe. 

Once the liquid reaches the maximum level of the tank, the cartridge gets sealed automatically, leaving no chance of leakage or contamination.

  • Press On

The press-on cartridge caps are also famous for refilling vape cartridges. In this capping method, the lid of your vape cartridge is attached to the cartridge head by a press-on machinimas. In this method, the cape is pressed on the top of the cartridge after refilling for a snug fit. 

However, if you do not press the cap properly over the cartridge head, it can lead to contamination and leakage-related issues. 

  • Twist On

The twist-on cartridge cap is also refillable and similar to the press-on caps. In the twist-on cartridge cap, you can remove the cap of your vape cartridge to refill and again screw the cap by twisting it on the top. 

It is easy but also contains the chances of leakage, damage, and contamination. If you place the cap misaligned with the tank head and try to twist and fit it in, it will create a gap, which will lead to leakage. 

Tips for Success 

Refilling can be easy and effective if done properly. Here are some essential tips for a successful vape cartridge refilling-

Can You Refill Vape Cartridges?
  • It is always best to go through your vape pen’s manual guide before refilling it. It will help you understand how to open and close the cartridge properly after refilling. You will also learn about the suitable oil and cartridge type for your vape pen from it. 
  • To keep your place clean and collect any spilled oil easily, you can place a towel or tissue around your vape pen while refilling.
  • Gently remove the cap, and always use a syringe or eye dropper for a refill. It will help you prevent oil spills. 
  • Always use your refilling opportunity to clean the tank, especially if you are trying a new flavor. It will help in preventing different flavors from mixing. You can also check your battery and connection during the refill.
  • Remember, underfilling is better than overfilling. An overfilled Tak can cause leakage and strain your device during ignition. 

Pros and Cons of Refilling a Vape Cartridge

Refilling vape cartridges comes with both pros and cons. Here, we will discuss them in detail-


Refilling vape cartridge comes with several tempting benefits such as –

  • Saves money – It helps you save money from buying cartridges frequently. Also, the price of vape oil is cheaper than a cartridge, so it also saves you money. 
  • Lasts longer – When you refill your cartridge, it can last longer than usual.
  • Less waste–Refilling vape cartridges can be a great way to prevent wastage from disposing of vape cartridges frequently. 
Can You Refill Vape Cartridges?


The refilling also comes with multiple unpleasant cons like-

  • Contamination – Refilling your vape cartridge has a higher chance of contamination. It increases the chances of bacteria as the old juice is not replaced here. Also, using different terpene flavors in the same pen can lead to cross-contamination, which can harm your health.
  • Leaking – Improper sealing and refilling can lead to leakage and waste of your precious oil.
  • Mixed flavors– refilling often results in mixing flavors and hinders your vaping experience.
  • Breaking your device – You can also damage your device if you do not refill it well. Also, frequent refilling can strain your device and cause the same. 


Refilling the vape cartridge is possible, but it is not recommended due to safety hazards. The refilling method depends on the capping way of your vape cartridge. There are three popular types of cartridge capping available. And above, we have shared a brief guide on the refilling method and its pros and cons.

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