19 May 2024
CDT Carts Vs Non CDT Carts

When you search for some effective vape strains, you will come across CDT and Non-CDT, commonly known as BDT strains, as they are the most popular Terpenes in the market. But what do you know of CDT carts vs Non CDT carts? Also, if you are searching for the difference between CDT carts and Non-CDT carts, you must have already heard of the CDT vs. Non-CDT debate.

Here, you will learn the difference between CDT carts and non-CDT carts. It will help you pick the most suitable cartridge for vaping. So, keep reading

What Are CDT Carts?

Before we learn about the difference between CDT carts and non CDT carts, let’s have a quick look at what CDT carts are. CDT cart or cartridges are vape cartridge that contains/uses terpenes derived from cannabis plants. CDT or cannabis-derived terpenes offer an authentic aroma and flavor. The natural terpenes in the CDT cart may enhance the overall effects of cannabis oil by providing a near-to feel of smoking original cannabis flower. 

Any vape cartridge that contains terpenes derived from the cannabis plant is classified as a CDT cart. Also, the power or potency of a CDT cart highly depends on the cannabis plant from where the terpenes are derived. The CDT carts, also known as CDT vapes, are often used along with a specific cannabinoid blend like THC, CBD, or HCC. 

What Are Non-CDT Carts?

Non-CDT carts are the exact opposite of the CDT carts. Unlike CDT carts, non-CDT carts are vape cartridges that contain terpenes derived from non-cannabis plants or synthetic sources. Among the NTDs, some are collected or sourced from botanical plants (that are called BDT or botanically derived terpenes). 

Some of the popular BDT sources include lavender, citrus fruits, pine, etc. BDT or other non-CDT (terpenes) are different from the terpenes derived from cannabis, but they may still produce unique aromas and flavors. However, they may not always provide the exact authenticity as the cannabis-derived terpenes. 

But you should remember that BDT or botanically derived terpenes have more potency to replicate the CDT over the synthetically sourced Non-cannabis derived terpenes. So, a BDT cart will work better than a non-CDT cart (with a synthetic source of terpenes). 

CDT Carts Vs Non CDT Carts

Importance of Terpenes in Vape Carts

If you are into vaping, then you must have heard about the terpenes. Terpenes are natural compounds (aromatic in nature) present in plant-based essential oils or the oil of certain plants. Terpenes are primarily responsible for the different flavors and aromas different plants have. 

The Terpenes are present in a wide range of plants, including cannabis and non-cannabis plants. They are often used for alternative medicine and aromatherapy. This natural compound is believed to have several therapeutic properties like anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, anti-depressant, etc. 

CDT Carts Vs. Non-CDT Carts- What’s the Difference?

CDT (cannabis-derived terpenes) carts and non-CDT carts differ from each other in more than one aspect. And before you pick any of them for your vape pen, you must know their differences to make the right choice. Here, we will discuss some crucial factors where both CDT cart and non-CDT differ. 

  • Origin

Both CDT carts and non-CDT carts have their unique source of origin that makes them different from each other. While all CDT cart contains are sourced only from the cannabis plant, non-CDT cart contains, on the other hand, sourced from non-cannabis plants and synthetic sources. 

BDT(botanically derived terpenes) is a popular section of non-CDT carts that are derived from botanical plants such as lavender pine. BDT carts are known to replicate several CDT or cannabis strains in terms of aroma and flavor. 

  • Aroma

CDT carts mostly give off a rich and unique fragrance similar to the cannabis from where it was sourced. In contrast, the CDT carts do not have a solid or unique aroma that can easily distinguish them from each other. Also, some BDT carts can emit similar smells of specific cannabis but in mild form. 

CDT Carts Vs Non CDT Carts
  • Feeling

CDT carts are believed to enhance the effect of cannabinoids such as THC or CBD. As a result, users get high levels of entourage effect for a smooth vaping experience. On the other hand, terpenes derived from non-cannabis may not provide a similar effect in vaping. They may offer a milder effect and therapeutic benefits as they replicate specific cannabis but may not give users the entourage effect of vaping.

  • Effect

Another aspect where CDT carts and non-CDT carts differ is the effect. CDT carts have a distinctive aroma and flavor of the cannabis from which they are derived. As a result, these cartridges are believed to have more diverse effects. On the other hand, non-CDT carts, such as BDT carts, may not provide a similar effect as CDT carts. 

CDT Carts Vs Non CDT Carts


CDT carts vs. non-CDT carts -the discussion becomes a common point of confusion for most beginner vape users. While the CDT carts are believed to enhance your vaping experience and offer a more potent aroma and flavors, the non-CDT carts may not provide a similar effect but are less costly than the CDT carts. Above, we have discussed everything you need to know about CDT carts vs. non-CDT carts. 

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