24 June 2024
Elf Tank Vs Elf Bar (In-Depth Comparison)

Doing something for first time is always close and special to our heart. Similarly buying our first vaping device for first time is something I can never forget in my vaping experience. Standing in a local vape shop, staring at the vape shelf, and thinking about which is better Elf Tank or Elf Bar? So if you’re not sure about which one is better for you, we’ve jot down an in-depth review about Elf tank vs Elf bar to make things easy for you.

Vaping is gaining popularity in modern times as a smoking alternative. Hence, it is no wonder a diverse range of vaping devices are entering the market and offering unique specifications and features. 

Whether you are a new vaper or planning to switch, deciding between Elf Tank vs Elf Bar can be challenging. So, if you want to learn more and make an informed decision, this blog compares the two vaping devices just for you. 

Elf Tank vs Elf Bar: Comparison Table

With this easy comparison table, you can easily understand the question of Elf tank vs Elf bar.

FeatureElf TankElf Bar
E-Liquid CapacityUpto 14.3mLUpto 13mL
Battery Life650mAh rechargeable1000mAh rechargeable
Flavors25 flavors30+ flavors
Nicotine Strengths20mg/mL, 50mg/mL20mg/mL, 50mg/mL
Vapor Production
Activation MethodDraw-activatedDraw-activated, button-fired
Flavor Quality
Throat HitStrong with 50mg/mL nicStrong with 50mg/mL nic
Upfront CostAbove $15 per unitAbove $10 per unit
AvailabilityLimited availabilityWidely available
ConvenienceLess convenientVery convenient

Elf Tank vs Elf Bar: Overview

Before comparing Elf Bar with Elf Tank, you should know what they are all about. 

Elf Bar:

Emerging in 2018, the Chinese company Shenzhen IMiracle Technology Co. is the mastermind behind this Elf Bar. It came down big on the market of disposable vape, asserting a pleasant and easy vaping experience due to its compact design. Elf Bar’s fame is due to its extensive range of icy and fruity flavors. 

Elf Tank:

Elf Tank came two years before Elf Bar and is a product of the same Chinese company. It stands in opposition and claims to be the first ever disposable vape in the world that features a tank system. This vaping device offers numerous unique features, including the tank system that can hold more than twice the Elf Bar’s e-liquid.  

Comparing Features of Elf Tank vs Elf Bar 

Elf Tank Vs Elf Bar (In-Depth Comparison)

Now, you understand the brand value and history of each device. It is time to explore each more deeply. Therefore, the following are four main specifications that you must know:

E-liquid Capacity: 

Vape juice capacity is a primary aspect to compare between the two devices. While Elf Bar features a 13ml (about 0.44 oz) non-refillable or replaceable e-liquid pod, the Elf Tank features a 14.3ml (about 0.48 oz) non-refillable tank. While Elf Bar allows around 5000 puffs, the Elf Tank gives you 6000 enjoyable puffs before a refuel.     

Nicotine Flavor & Strengths

Elf Tank and Elf Bar are on the same level, considering flavors and nicotine levels. The nicotine levels for both brands include 50mg/ml and 20mg/ml. The former delivers a strong throat hit, while the latter offers a moderate experience. 

In terms of flavor, Elf Bar offers more than 30 options, including strawberry, banana ice, mango ice, pink lemonade, and more. Elf Tank features up to 25 choices with a diverse selection, such as icy mint, lush mango, strawberry ice cream, and many more. However, while Elf Bar has an advantage in flavor variety, Elf Tank will offer a potent taste. 

Battery Life

The highest internal rechargeable battery of Elf Battery is 1000 mAh. Hence, it may last users for twenty-four hours with continuous usage. Conversely, Elf Tank also features a USB-C type rechargeable 650 mAh battery. You can enjoy up to 6000 puffs with a fully charged battery. Hence, the Elf Bar has an edge over Elf Tank in terms of battery. 

Activation Method

Disposable vaping devices feature button-firing or draw-activation for heating the coil to release vapor. Elf Bar generally uses the popular draw-activation system, but it takes the win by adding both systems in some of its models. However, Elf Tank sticks to draw activation for the best. 

Elf Tank vs Elf Bar: Vape Experience & Performance 

Besides the technical features, you must also consider the performance of the two devices when releasing vapor. 

Flavor Quality:

The PG/VG ratios of e-liquid determine how intense the flavor is. Elf Bar and Elf Tank can attain an identical flavor strength. While the former offers a rich and heavy vapor with brilliant saturation, the latter renders a throat hit with improved flavor pop. 

Vapor Production:

The vapor production relies on coil design, e-liquid’s PG/VG ratio, and battery output. Higher propylene glycol (PG) enhances flavor, while more vegetable glycerin (VG) gives a dense vapor. 

Elf Bar employs a VG 50/50 blend customized to offer a throat hit and vapor production balance. The clouds will be moderate in size thanks to its low-voltage battery. Elf Tanks will deliver a similar vapor with a 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid ratio. 

Throat Hit:

Elf Tank and Elf Bar offer a 50/50 blend for potent throat hits. It stands true for the 50mg/ml nicotine variety. 

Elf Tank vs Elf Bar: Factor to Consider

The affordability and cheaper prices are attractive aspects of disposable vapes. Therefore, value and price will be a deciding factor when choosing between Elf Tank and Elf Bar. 

Convenience And Availability:

Consumers must check for accessibility and ease of purchase when buying a vape. Elf Bar has a more expansive distribution. You can find it in convenience stores or gas stations in the US. However, Elf Tank has limited retail penetration. You can find it through online retailers. 

Upfront Cost:

MSRP for one Elf Bar is around $10 or above, while the single Elf Tank device costs approximately $15 or more. Generally, users will lean towards an affordable solution. 


Elf Bar is winning the race with widespread availability, a broad range of flavors, a cheaper price tag, and a flexible vapor activation approach. Regardless of the increased e-liquid capacity, the Elf Bar delivers a pleasant performance with less hassle. Nevertheless, Elf Tank also upholds a reputation as the best vape with intense flavors and identical throat hit and vapor production. 

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