19 May 2024
How To Make A Homemade Pipe in 10 Unique Ways?

Sometimes, even the most seasoned smokers need a quick and original way to savor their favorite herbs. While many stores sell bongs and pipes, making your own at home may be a rewarding and valuable experience. But do you know how to make a homemade pipe? In this piece by Purevapereviews, we’ll look at 10 distinct approaches to building your own bong pipe, each with advantages and uniqueness.

How to Make a Homemade Pipe: Realistic Approach

1. Classic Apple Pipe

Apples can become a substitute for pipe clay or other pipe materials. An apple and other common household goods, like a pen or a skewer, are all that’s required. First, cut the apple in half and remove the stem. Next, use the pen to make a hole from the top to the middle. Make a second hole that angles slightly toward the first. The vertical opening is for your mouth, while the oblique one is for your herb. Get it going, then take a drag through the top hole. An apple pipe serves its purpose and is readily biodegradable.

2. The Water Bottle Pipe

This do-it-yourself pipe is a hit with DIY newbies. A plastic water bottle, a downstem (a pen or a tube), some aluminum foil, and a lighter are all you need to make one. Remove the bottle’s base and drill a hole in the top to accommodate the downstem. Use aluminum foil to make a bowl and glue it to the top of the downstem. Put your herb in the bottle, then fill the bottle with water. The smoke becomes mellow by the water’s filtering and cooling effects.

3. Bamboo Pipe

If you can get your hands on some, making a bamboo pipe is a challenging but ultimately rewarding endeavor. Choose a bamboo stalk that has a closed end to work with initially. Snip the stalk immediately both above and underneath the closed part. Create a smoking chamber by hollowing down the top, then drill an opening for the mouthpiece. Make a hole in the cap for the downstem. Glass or metal tubes can be used to construct it. You have a fully functional bamboo pipe once you attach a bowl to the downstem.

4. The Gravity Pipe

How To Make A Homemade Pipe in 10 Unique Ways?

The gravity pipe has earned a reputation for producing powerful hits with little exertion. Water in a bucket, two plastic bottles, and a bowl (aluminum foil works fine) are all you need to get started. Remove the bottle’s bottom and shape the end of the cap into a bowl. Fill the bowl with your herb, set it on the bottle without a bottom, and ignite it. Lifting the container slowly will cause a vacuum to form, attracting the smoke and trapping it within. Inhale deeply when you’ve raised the bottle to its maximum height.

5. Ceramic Clay Pipe

Making a ceramic clay pipe from scratch is a fun and creative pottery project for those with some experience in the field. To make a pipe, first mold a lump of clay into the appropriate form, ensuring it has a long neck and a chamber. The clay must be allowed to cure completely before being fired in a kiln. When it’s done, glaze it so it won’t warp when heated. A glass bowl and downstem will transform your handcrafted ceramic pipe into a work of art.

6. The Soda Can Pipe

A pipe made from a soda can is a simple and fast do-it-yourself solution. An empty Coke can, a pen, and some aluminum foil are all you need to get started. Make a bowl out of the can by crushing it down a bit. Create a larger opening on the top of the can for your mouthpiece and a smaller one on the side for the downstem. You can make a bowl by taping a piece of aluminum foil into the opening at the top. Put your herb in the bowl, light it up, and take a deep drag through the hole at the top. 

7. The Ice Pipe

The ice pipe is a new and exciting take on the traditional water pipe. To make a downstem:

  • Remove the bottle’s bottom and drill a hole in the cap.
  • Put the bottle in the freezer with a bowl attached to the downstem until the water inside freezes.
  • Take it out of the freezer, fill it with water, put your herb in it, and relax as you smoke.

8. The LEGO Pipe

If you’re feeling inventive and have some spare LEGO bricks, you can make your own LEGO pipe. Make sure your LEGO foundation and chamber are completely watertight and airtight. Put a bowl on the end of the downstem and drill a hole. Put some water in the chamber, sprinkle some herbs, and fire it up. You may alter the look of this DIY pipe as you choose.

9. The Fruit Salad Pipe

Finally, different fruits and veggies may produce a one-of-a-kind and delectable handmade pipe. Watermelons, pineapples, and bell peppers are just a few examples of fruits and vegetables you can try. Create a pipe out of a fruit or vegetable by hollowing it out and inserting a downstem and bowl. The inherent taste of the fruit might be a pleasant surprise while smoking.

10. The Glass Bottle Pipe

You may recycle glass bottles into pipes for a chic and environmentally responsible method to smoke your herbs. You’ll need a bowl, a downstem, a diamond-tipped drill bit, and a glass bottle (like a wine or liquor bottle). Carefully drill a hole at the marked location for the downstem. You may make a stylish and practical glass bottle pipe by simply attaching the downstem and bowl, filling the bottle with water, and inserting your herb.


Making your own bong pipe is a creative and enjoyable method to smoke cannabis or other herbs. While the ten approaches listed here range in intricacy and aesthetic, they all share the need to prioritize safety and sustainability while creating your own pipe at home. If you want to enjoy smoking out of a DIY pipe while staying safe, use only tobacco-friendly materials and keep it clean regularly. Enjoy the accomplishment of making your pipe, whether you use an apple or LEGO.

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