19 May 2024
How to treat mouth sores from vaping?

In recent times, Vaping has become a serious topic of discussion. Gaining popularity and more social acceptance are the reasons behind this. However, when it comes to vaping, people choose it because of the lower health risks than traditional smoking. Though vaping has many positive effects, there are some negative aspects too. One such adverse effect is mouth sores. In this article, we will discover the root causes of mouth sores and how to treat mouth sores from vaping.

Are Mouth Sores Common Issues Caused by Vaping?

Yes, mouth sores are one of the most prevalent issues that affect people who vape frequently at some point in their lives. You can vape, but you must control the frequency. Otherwise, it may lead to different oral diseases, including mouth sores.

Excessive vaping might also create gum disease. When you vape, you irritate the gums because of the high vapor temperatures. This irritation leads to inflammation, and you can also witness swelling of the gums. 

Why Does Vaping Cause Mouth Sores?

Over the past few years, the number of people who love vaping has increased. Vaping is a less harmful alternative compared to smoking regular cigarettes. However, the issue of mouth sores by vaping has become a serious concern among e-cigarette smokers.

There are many practical reasons why vaping causes mouth sores. Vaping reduces the moisture levels in the mouth when the mist is inhaled. This reduced amount of moisture makes the mouth dry, and then the dryness turns to irritation and inflammation. The reaction to the irritation the mouth feels causes mouth sores.

It is a fact that vaping is considered a safer alternative compared to traditional smoking. It is why many smokers switch to vaping when they try to quit cigarettes. However, these cigarettes often reduce the mouth’s acidity level and increase the alkalinity level.

So when someone tries to quit smoking entirely or switch to vaping, the mouth tries to restore its pH balance to the previous levels. As a result, the restoring process of alkalinity results in mouth sores due to vaping. In addition, vaping exposes your mouth to different bacterial infections. It leads to canker sores in the mouth and tongue.

How To Treat Mouth Sores from Vaping?

Vaping creates mouth sores, which are problematic because they cause discomfort and increase the risk of bacterial infections. So, you must learn how to manage the mouth sores created by vaping.

How to Treat Mouth Sores from Vaping?

The following steps are mentioned below that will help you treat mouth sores from vaping;

  • First, you must understand that these mouth sores last from two weeks to one year. These are often the results when you decide to quit smoking. In such times, the body strives to rid itself of toxins accumulated over the years.
  • Rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide, and it is advisable to use it for three days. The alkalinity present in hydrogen peroxide mitigates the risks and reduces the impact vaping can have on your mouth in the form of canker sores. But don’t swallow the solution, as it can harm you. Just rinse and expel.
  • Apart from rinsing your mouth, use hydrogen peroxide on the canker sores. Here, you can experience a sensation of burning during the application. However, after a certain period, which is about four days, the mouth ulcers will start to heal.
  • As mentioned earlier, mouth sores and vaping can make you more susceptible to various oral infections. Here, drinking cranberry juice is excellent and greatly helps to prevent infections. You can even get rid of mouth sores caused by vaping. Cranberry juice has many antibiotic qualities, which work better than salt for treating canker or mouth sores due to vaping.
  • Staying hydrated can help you deal with mouth sores from vaping. So, if you drink a lot more water, it will help you manage these mouth sores. You can also get the chance to reduce the amount of vaping. It is helpful for people suffering from severe mouth sores from too much vaping. 


Mouth sores are painful, and people suffering from them experience much discomfort during speech and eating. Besides these sores, vaping has minimal effects on your overall health and well-being. However, it is advisable not to vape if you already have an ulcer in your mouth, as it might worsen the issues. 

However, if you suffer from mouth sores from vaping, consider trying the aforementioned tips to heal the sore quickly. The hydrogen peroxide, drinking cranberry juice, and a lot of water can help you eliminate mouth sores caused by vaping. You can also try other home remedies that offer effective results to prevent mouth sores.

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