19 May 2024

Vape has become more prevalent in recent years, and many former smokers have switched to electronic cigarettes. For individuals prioritizing portability and economy, disposable vapes have become the norm. 

Manufacturers responded to the need for disposable, rechargeable vaping devices by releasing their versions. But, confusion surrounding the charging process for rechargeable disposable vape pens is still there. So, if you want to learn how to make the most of a rechargeable disposable vape, keep reading!

Several Options for Recharging One’s Disposable Vape

Disposable vape pens may be charged in various ways, including the ones listed below.

How Long to Charge Disposable Vape?
  • USB Charging

The most popular and hassle-free method to charge is via a USB cord. Most are equipped with an internal rechargeable battery that may be powered and maintained via a regular USB cord. Click the disposable vape’s charging end into a power source such as a computer, wall adapter, or portable charger to start charging. 

  • Magnetic Charging

Several disposable vapes have magnetic charging for speed and ease of use. A magnetic charging cable is included, and it connects to the USB port of the gadget. Thanks to the magnetic technology that guarantees a safe and solid connection, neither your smartphone nor its charging cord needs to worry about being damaged.

  • Power Bank Charging

Portable power banks may recharge disposable e-cigarettes when you’re on the road or away from an outlet. Devices such as smartphones, tablets, and e-cigarettes may all benefit from having a power bank on hand. Use the USB cord to charge your disposable vape from the portable charger. Those who need to charge their vaping device while being outside may find that a portable power bank is an easy and practical solution.

  • Solar Charging

Last but not least, solar energy may be used to charge disposable vape pens. These chargers are solar-powered, meaning that they transform sunlight into usable energy. If you love being outside but need a convenient and sustainable way to charge your device, solar power is a great alternative to consider.

Factors Influencing Battery Charging Times

The time it takes to charge a disposable vape varies with several factors. Some of the more important ones are as follows:

How Long to Charge Disposable Vape?
  • Battery Capacity

The time needed to charge a disposable vape is proportional to the device’s battery capacity. Charge times are often longer for vapes with greater battery capacity than those with more limited capabilities.

  • Battery Percentage Remaining

If your disposable vape’s battery is completely dead, charging it will take much longer than if there is even a little life remaining. When the battery has been used up entirely, the procedure moves at a more snail-like pace.

  • Source for Recharging

Your charging time may vary depending on your chosen source. The charging time will increase if you connect the device to a low-powered USB port.

  • Environment-Related Factors

The temperature and humidity levels of your surrounding environment may also affect the amount of time it takes for the battery to charge. 

How Much Time Does It Take to Charge a Disposable Vape?

You may expect a battery when buying a new disposable rechargeable vape. When the quantity of vape generated decreases, you know you need to recharge the vape. After 500–600 puffs, the flavor often begins to fade significantly. Some gadgets also have an LED light that flashes when the battery runs low. 

A disposable vape needs roughly two hours to charge fully. Brand and type of vape may affect this, but typically, it’s approximately two hours. More time may be needed to charge a high-end disposable vape.

Guidelines for Safe Disposable Vape Charging

You must use or charge your disposable vape by reading all the safety guidelines to safeguard yourself. Also, you must be cautious not to unintentionally remove any safety components if you’re opening the cap on your vape pen or playing with the charging port. For continued health and safety when vaping, the black sensor protector must be replaced in its original position after each usage.

A portable power bank is the most secure method of charging a disposable vape pen. Be mindful while connecting your gadget to the electrical outlet to avoid being electrocuted. Remember that the titanium battery within your device might be harmful to handle if you ever decide to open it. Similarly, you should keep the e-juice away from your hands to prevent discoloration.

How Long to Charge Disposable Vape?


Only disposable vapes equipped with a charging port are convenient. Devices intended for single use and thrown away without a charging outlet are not meant to be recharged. The time it takes to charge your disposable vape relies on how long you wish it to charge for. 

If you’re willing to wait, a full charge will be completed in two to three hours. However, if you want to use it immediately, charging for 30 to 60 minutes will get you back up and running.

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