19 May 2024

Vape users must be well aware of the charging of vape pens to ensure long-term usage. Well, charging a vape pen is generally easy, but the process varies from one model to the next. In most cases, you may charge your vape battery by plugging the charging wire into a port on the battery itself. In this article, we’ll talk about how to charge a vape pen like a pro.

After that, you let the battery charge until it’s full. When the vape battery is ultimately charged, an indication (usually a light) will let you know. Apart from this, there are several other ways, which the article will discuss further. Also, read about how to charge a disposable vape pen on our website.

How to Charge a Vape Pen

Different Ways to Charge A Vape Pen

You must keep in mind that various vapes may need different charging procedures. Here are a few procedures explained. 

  • USB Port

If your vaporizer has a USB-C charging port, insert the cable into the port and charge as usual. The battery in your vape pen may be charged by connecting the charging wire to a computer or external charger that accepts USB connections. When completely charged, the flashing light on most vapes that use a USB charger becomes green. 

However, there are exceptions to this rule. See your vape kit’s manual for signs indicating a fully charged internal battery. A USB Type-C or micro-USB connector will likely be required for charging a vape device powered by a lithium-ion battery. Purchase a power bank connected through USB to the vape battery if you travel often and wish to have your vape charged. 

How to Charge a Vape Pen
  • Plug-in Power Supply

Although this charger’s usage has been gradually phased out, it’s still in specific vape kits. You must use an AC adapter to power your vaporizer from an electrical outlet to do this. Although it is often connected to the end of the vape, the location of the AC adapter charger point may vary depending on the vape. Locate the AC adapter slot at the bottom of your box vape. It’s often next to the indicator light showing the battery’s charge.

  • Battery Replacement

Traditional disposable or rechargeable batteries, such as those made by Duracell, may be used in certain vape devices. You’ll need to take the batteries out of the vape’s battery compartment and put new ones in before you can charge it. It works much like any other technological device.

The 18650-battery size is often used in vape pens. They look like a scaled-down AA battery. Ensure you’re willing to deal with these batteries before purchasing a new set since you may have to purchase them from a specialized retailer.

However, these batteries are often rechargeable. To accomplish this, you need first remove the used batteries from their device and put them in an external battery charger.

Tips to Consider When Charging a Vape Pen

Like the batteries in other electrical devices, the ones in your vape pen will run out of charge at some point. If your vape battery died, you would want to avoid being midway through a session of vaping CBD cartridges, e-juice, or anything else. 

Following these guidelines can help you get more use out of your battery and avoid replacing it as soon as possible.

How to Charge a Vape Pen
  • Avoid Overcharging

Leaving your vape pens connected to the charger indefinitely reduces their useful lifespan. When the vape pen’s charging indicator light turns off, immediately remove it from the charger.

  • Avoid Leaving a Charging Vape Unattended

Following this advice, you won’t have to worry about overcharging your vape pen. This is an extra layer of protection if something goes wrong during the charging process (especially with vape pens from less reputable companies).

  • Do Not Charge Too Often

For optimal charging results, let the vape battery drain almost completely before charging it. Using it to vape for a few minutes and then putting it back on the charger will diminish the battery’s life.

  • Use the Provided Charger If Possible

Vape pens should be charged only from their factory-issued chargers whenever possible. Since some vape pens are designed to only work with their chargers, switching to another charger might be inconvenient at best and even dangerous at worst.

  • Avoid Water

It is useful advice for almost any technological device. Because of their fragile construction, vape pens are seldom made to withstand submersion in water. Your pen’s components and battery are vulnerable to moisture, so avoid situations where they could become wet, such as taking a shower or using a sauna. Use it only in well-ventilated, secure areas at all times.


One of the few simple vaping tasks is learning how to charge your vape. A vaporizer may be charged by connecting it to a computer, power outlet, or other suitable charging source. You should either get new batteries, figure out how to get your vape to charge, or get rid of it if it doesn’t. Regardless of how you handle your vape, following the manufacturer’s guidelines is always better.

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