24 June 2024
How to Do Vape Tricks?

The popularity of vaping has led many smokers to abandon tobacco cigarettes in favor of electronic ones. As the popularity of vaping has grown, so have resources like guides and videos that teach newcomers how to use their devices safely and effectively. In this article, we’ll learn how to do vape tricks to look more stylish and cool as a pro vaper.

It’s possible to wow others and elevate your vaping experience with various vape smoke tricks, from dragon to tornado. With the knowledge you get from this post, you can wow your vaping peers and learn advanced techniques quickly.

How to Do Vape Tricks?

How to do Vape Tricks: 6 Vape Tricks to Try

If you’re really looking to find out how to do vape tricks, keep reading the article. Here are the collection of six easy-to-learn vape tricks:

  1. Dragon Vape Tricks

When doing the Dragon trick, you will create a fascinating-looking effect that will undoubtedly surprise your friends by exhaling vapor out of the corners of your mouth and your nose simultaneously. When holding a mouth full of vapor, exhale some from the corners of your mouth while simultaneously exhaling part of the vapor through your nose.

How to Do Vape Tricks?

Keep the middle of your mouth closed without squeezing the corners too tightly. It is not particularly simple to exhale from both your mouth and nose simultaneously, but with little practice, this is a relatively easy skill.

  1. Waterfall Vape Tricks

The Waterfall is a fantastic move you should add to your arsenal. This vaping illusion will have onlookers gasping in wonder as it looks like a gorgeous, falling cascade of vapor. To do a Waterfall, inhale deeply and slowly exhale to create a big cloud. 

The next step is to position your hand on a single side of the vapor in a horizontal position with your fingers wide apart and pointed upwards. Perform a downward sweeping motion to make a waterfall out of the cloud. One of the most typical mistakes novices make is needing to take more puffs to build up a sufficient cloud.

  1. Blow O’s Vape Tricks

It’s one of the first things new vapers learn to do, and it’s a huge time saver. Even though it’s a difficult feat to master at first, you’ll be a pro before you know it. Don’t breathe in the vapor; instead, form an ‘O’ with your lips to hold it there. You need to use the muscles at the back of your throat to expel the air, and it’s best if you can build up some tension there before letting it out.

How to Do Vape Tricks?

Before learning about how to do vape tricks, you need to learn that It takes some practice to master, but once you do, it will seem like second nature. After you’ve mastered the standard ‘O’ form, you may take your skills to the next level by experimenting with variations on speed, distance, and trick combinations.

  1. Ghost Inhale Vape Tricks

The Ghost Inhale is one of the simplest vape techniques anybody can do, making it an excellent choice for novices. This method produces an eerie appearance that is quite captivating. Step one in this technique takes a long, deep pull from your vaporizer. 

After that, let some of the vapor linger in your mouth while you slowly and gradually allow it out of your system. Then, immediately re-inhale the vapor before forcing the rest of it out of your mouth in a ghostly fashion as you exhale. Try different inhalation and exhalation strategies to perfect this method until you find what works best for you.

  1. Bane Vape Trick

If you’re a vaper, you must be really excited to learn how to do vape tricks. The Bane Inhale vape trick is one of the most spectacular skills you can learn to do. To begin studying Bane Inhalation, you must first master French Inhalation. To win in this game, you need to master the art of producing a thick cloud of vapor in your mouth. 

You may direct the vapor toward your nose by gently opening your mouth and extending your bottom lip. Like French inhalation, however, using this technique, you’ll need to position your teeth so that the vapor may only leave via the tiny crevices between them.

  1. Tornado Vape Trick

In recent years, the Tornado has become one of the most effective vape techniques today. This amazing technique will make your vape seem like a little tornado when you inhale. To do this, inhale deeply and slowly from your vaporizer, directing the vapor to a single point in your mouth. 

How to Do Vape Tricks?

When you’re ready to let the vape’s vapor out, create a fist and hold it before your lips. Next, spread your fingers and flick your wrist forward rapidly to make a little whirlwind with the vapor. If you want to master this feat, doing it in a well-ventilated space is important since it might generate a lot of steam during practice.


To impress your friends and share your individuality, try these vape tricks. In addition, if you’re just getting started with vaping, you won’t find a better resource than this list of the top vape tricks. If you’re beginning, don’t worry; with time and effort, you’ll be ready to do these feats with the skill of a seasoned pro and wow your friends and family.

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