19 May 2024

Coughing is a common side effect of vaping, particularly for first-time users transitioning from traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, what are the most common causes of vaping, and how may it be avoided? This blog discusses how to vape without coughing when vaping and the causes of coughing while using vaping devices.

Why Does Vaping Make Some People Cough?

There are several potential causes for your cough while vaping, including:

  • Incorrect Technique for Vaping

Finding the appropriate approach is essential to having a pleasurable vaping session. Learn to take calm, shallow breaths while vaping so you may appreciate the experience more. Avoid the cigarette-like motion of pulling on the gadget. Read more about how to do vape tricks in our recent blogs.

How to Vape Without Coughing?
  • Anesthetics Are Absent from Vaping Devices

Many thousands of chemicals go into making analog cigarettes. Among these are anesthetics that dull the sting of smoking in the lungs. If you go too near a fireplace or bonfire, you could get a cold by breathing in the smoke of burning leaves, wood, and other materials. There are no numbing agents in vape juice; thus, the taste is more intense and perhaps unpleasant.

  • You Now Have Fully Functional Cilia

Smoking is known to harm your cilia, which are found in your lungs. Cilia are fragile tissues that clean mucus and other debris out of the lungs. One of smoking’s most prominent adverse impacts is the destruction of cilia. 

Cilia recovered after giving up tobacco use. The cilia are working, and that’s why you’re coughing more. Coughing is the body’s way of expelling mucus from the lungs. Coughing indicates that your lungs are getting better.

  • Dehydration

The vast majority of seasoned vapers know the need to consume more fluids when using their devices. Sugary drinks like soda and juice don’t do the body any good regarding hydration. Consuming alcohol has a drying effect on the body too. If you want the greatest benefits and wish to resolve the coughing problem, stick to drinking simple water.

How to Vape Without Coughing? 6 Tips to Vape Without Coughing

Coughing is a natural side effect of vaping. The lungs get inflamed whenever an alien material (such as smoke, dust, or vapors) is breathed in. Coughing is your body’s response to getting rid of the irritation. If you wish to stop coughing, and want to learn how to vape without coughing you should try to lessen the irritation in your throat.

How to Vape Without Coughing?
  • Inhale Into Your Mouth Rather Than Your Lungs

If you are eager to learn how to vape without coughing, the first thing you need to do is make your hits shallower and shorter. Many former smokers who transition to vaping inhale the vapor into their mouths and throats rather than their lungs. 

The remaining smoke may be inhaled gently after exhaling for the desired ethereal effect. Although it may take a little longer than deep lung strikes, breathing more slowly may reduce discomfort and prevent coughing episodes.

  • Reconfigure the Settings

Coughing may often be explained by the fact that your body has not yet reached its optimal temperature—a higher temperature results in heavier smoke, which increases the likelihood that your throat may get irritated. Finding the optimal volume is as easy as starting at a low level and progressively increasing it until you get your desired effect.

  • Avoid the Fruity Flavors

Who doesn’t want to relax in a tropical paradise or enjoy a burst of mixed berries? Although these liquids are delicious, some individuals react severely to fruity and even menthol flavors, which may lead to a persistent cough. 

If you’ve already tried everything else and your cough won’t go away, maybe it’s time to switch to something with a more calming taste than dragon fruit.

  • Make Sure the Vape Is Clean

Coughing may be caused by a buildup of residue, which is particularly common after smoking cannabis. Because Bud burns so quickly and readily, it is incredibly simple to breathe in both the vapor and ash left behind after it has been burned. Cleaning your vape pen can thus benefit both you and your lungs.

How to Vape Without Coughing?
  • Drink Enough Water

A dry cough is only one of the many side effects that may arise from chronic vaping-related dehydration. Therefore, if you are an active vaper, you must ensure you drink a lot of water during the day. Aim for drinking between four and six glasses of water daily, or even more if you can.

  • Reduce Your Vape Use

If you notice you are coughing more often than normal, you must take a break from vaping. In that case you don’t have to think of how to vape without coughing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper with pro vape pens, inhaling too much at once may seriously impair lung function. If you’ve been vaping excessively and suddenly find yourself hacking up a lung, it may be time to take a break.


However, most vaping-related coughs are mild and short-lived; some people can enjoy vaping without coughing. The advice above will enhance your vaping experience by preventing you from experiencing a vaping cough and teaching you how to treat it if it does occur. Just like any other skill, vaping proficiency improves with time and effort.

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