19 May 2024

Ghosting a vape is the discipline of inhaling quietly and deliberately while minimizing vapor emission. This method is frequently employed in circumstances when discretion is crucial, such as in public settings or places where vaping would not be considered socially acceptable. In this article, we’ll learn about how to ghost vape in a few simple steps.

One can enjoy their vape discreetly by inhaling gently and exhaling barely at all. It requires practice and the ability to perfect, allowing vapers to enjoy themselves without irritating anyone nearby. Remember that when vaping in public places, you should always be respectful to other people and aware of local laws.

How to Ghost Vape Like A Master?

Why Try Ghosting a Vape?

Several factors have contributed to the rise in the popularity of ghosting vape, which involves inhaling vapor without creating audible clouds. First, it provides a covert alternative to conventional vaping, enabling consumers to enjoy it covertly. 

This appeals to people who want their privacy or live in places where vaping is prohibited. Ghosting also lessens the effect on indoor air quality, perhaps reducing discomfort for non-vapers. 

Additionally, a more immersive and sensual experience is made possible when the focus shifts from visual spectacle to flavor and feel. It requires knowledge and style, and it could be challenging for certain people. In general, ghosting vape offers a subtle and regulated method of using e-cigarettes.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Ghosting a Vape

Ghosting a vape is the practice of exhaling vapor in such a way that it vanishes rapidly and leaves little to no apparent residue. This method is used by vapers who want a discrete and mild experience. For an effective ghosting method, follow these steps.

  • Select the Proper Vaping Equipment

Choosing a vaporizer with an adjustable airflow setting is a good idea. This makes it simpler to use the ghosting approach since you can customize the vapor creation.

  • Choose the Correct E-Liquid

Choose an e-liquid with a more significant percentage of vegetable glycerin (VG) and a lower nicotine level to get the finest ghosting effects. High VG e-liquids produce denser and quicker-dissipating vapor clouds. These liquids are perfect for creating a ghosting effect since they emit less vapor.

  • Set Up Your Coil

Ensure your coil is primed adequately before vaping to avoid any possible dry hits. The manufacturer’s instructions should be followed while preparing your coil for usage. An adequately prepared coil will create smoother vapor and be more enjoyable to ghost with.

  • Adjust Airflow and Power

Turn the airflow down to a low level to limit how much air travels through the coil. To lessen vapor formation, you should also reduce the wattage. Try out several settings to see which suits you the best. Improving the ghosting effect by reducing airflow by producing a denser vapor that dissipates more quickly is possible.

How to Ghost Vape Like A Master?
  • Take a Controlled Inhale

Inhale slowly and steadily, allowing the vapor to enter your mouth. A deep lung impact will release more vapor than is necessary for ghosting, so avoid them. You have more time to be ready for the ghosting method the longer you hold the vapor.

  • Keep the Vapor in Your Mouth

Keep your lips tight and retain the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds after gathering it in your mouth. As a result, it might compress and become less noticeable when exhaled.

  • Steadily Release the vapor

Exhale via your mouth or nose softly and steadily. The secret is to release the vapor gradually, reducing its visibility. To avoid creating too much vapor, slow down your exhalation. The vapor evaporates more rapidly and is made less apparent by spreading out.

How to Ghost Vape Like A Master?

Expert Tips for Ghosting Vape

Now, let’s talk about some tips that will help you get a better vaping experience:

  • Start with lower nicotine levels in your e-liquid if you’re a heavy smoker. This will make the process of completely giving up smoking easier for you. 
  • Make use of top-notch gear. When vaping, your equipment is equally as crucial as your e-liquid. 
  • Make sure to spend your money on durable equipment and e-liquid tanks.
  • Use your nicotine levels creatively. Others choose to use greater nicotine levels, while some prefer lower ones. Try several levels until you find one that suits you.
  • Keep note of the amount of nicotine you consume each day. Monitor how much nicotine you consume and how it makes you feel since too much nicotine might cause you to become addicted. 

Ghosting is a skill that becomes better with use. Try a few different approaches to see which suits you best. To enhance the ghosting effect, learn to time your exhales properly. Test out various speeds and intervals.


Both new and experienced users must practice safe ghost vaping. One may reduce health hazards and ensure a more pleasurable experience by following regular equipment maintenance procedures, utilizing premium ingredients, and following local laws. 

Being respectful of others and avoiding usage in places where it is not permitted are further aspects of responsible ghost vaping. By putting safety and education first, the vaping community can adopt a healthier and more responsible attitude to this rapidly growing pastime.

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