12 April 2024
What Is an Atomizer on a Vape?

Any device that discharges a liquid in a fine spray, like the diffuser pumps on a perfume bottle, is called an atomizer. The atomizer is quite similar to those used in electronic cigarettes. The heating element vaporizes the e-liquid, allowing the user to inhale the vapor. In this article, we’ll learn about what is an atomizer on a vape.

The atomizer is also known as a vape coil, the term you are most familiar with. Although this is sometimes used as shorthand for atomizer, it is technically incorrect since atomizer refers to the whole component. Regarding e-cigarettes, coil refers exclusively to the metal wire wound around the wicking material and then heated to create vapor.

What Is an Atomizer on a Vape?

How Does the Atomizer Function?

While crucial to your vape device, an atomizer’s function is really rather simple. Turning on a vaporizer activates the battery, supplying power to the various components. The atomizer may now begin its work. The atomizer’s heating coils will become hot and start to work. 

The wick, which may be made from cotton and other materials, is placed over the loop. This wick soaks up your e-liquid and begins warming it up as soon as it comes into touch with the heat from the coils. When the temperature of the vape juice is just right, it turns into vapor.

What Is an Atomizer on a Vape?

Various Forms of Atomizers

Electronic cigarette atomizers come in a wide variety of designs. And those things are:

  • Cartomizer

The cartomizer is a disposable atomizer that is inexpensive and easy to use. The vapor quality may be lower than the alternatives on this list. It can leak, so you have to be cautious.

  • Dripping Atomizer

This drip-tip atomizer is ideal if you want a taste that is intense and pure. This is because 3–4 droplets of vape juice may be added straight to the drip tips. The design of this drip tip atomizer is the one significant downside. To put it another way, you should add a few drops of juice after three or four puffs.

  • Clearomizer

The tank of this atomizer is wired straight to the power source. The tank can keep going for days or weeks and is easy to operate and maintain. The clearomizer’s high price tag reflects the high quality of its features. When you load the clearomizer with cannabis oil, you can’t switch tastes until you use the full cartridge.

The Function of Vape Atomizers

The process of converting vape juice to vapor is straightforward. A vape atomizer heats liquid like a tea kettle heats water, although much more quickly and on a much smaller scale. A wicking material encloses a tiny heating element in the coil. Cotton is still the wicking material, although other options are available. 

Wicking may either sit in an e-liquid reservoir or receive e-liquid directly from the user. The coil heats up quickly when the fire button is pressed or the vape is inhaled. In response, the liquid in the wicking near the coil warms up and turns into vapor, like a cloud of steam from a teapot. 

If using a re-buildable dripping atomizer, you’ll need to add extra vape juice to the wicking after you finish inhaling. It may then be used again after that.

What Is an Atomizer on a Vape?

How Can You Replace the Coil?

You will eventually need to replace the atomizer coil to keep your vaporizer in good working order. Today’s coils can be swapped out with little effort. In most cases, you’ll have to remove the top cap and the mouthpiece to access and replace the atomizer coil. Next, detach the old coil from its connecting pin and remove the atomizer base from the battery. 

After that, attach a replacement coil to the atomizer base’s pin and tighten until the bottom is flush with the coil. When done, reconnect the battery and fill the tank with e-liquid. Once you’ve done all that, you may enjoy a revitalized vaping experience by replacing the device’s mouthpiece and top cap.

Where to Look for a Good Atomizer?

When selecting an atomizer, your vaping preferences, available funds, and desired features should all be considered. If this is your first time vaping, start with a basic atomizer that won’t break the bank. 

Those with greater vaping expertise and a desire for customization may benefit from upgrading to a more sophisticated and expensive atomizer. Consider the atomizer’s quality and durability at all times since these factors directly affect the device’s longevity and, by extension, its worth.

What Is an Atomizer on a Vape?


The atomizers in certain types of vaporizers need to be cleaned regularly. If you own one of these, be careful to check it often or take it to a certified service shop for maintenance. With some forethought and study, it is possible to replace the heating element in your vaporizer at home. The single most important rule of thumb for preserving the life of your atomizer is to avoid dropping it. 

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