19 July 2024

Today’s modern vape pen was created around 2003 by Hon Lik. But it was not the first vape pen in history. Traditional e-cigarettes were invented decades ago, in the 1960s-70s. However, they were mostly ineffective, large, and sometimes explosive. So, if you are interested in vaping and want to know how modern vape pens were invented, keep reading. 

What Is Modern Vape? 

Before learning about the brief history of vape pens or how modern vape pens were invented, let’s understand what modern vape pens are. The modern vape pen is an electronic device with an inbuilt heating element, tank (for e-juice), and mouthpiece. The device heats the oil in the tank or cartridge to create inhaled vapor. It is pretty different from the earlier e-cigarettes, producing nicotine without burning tobacco. 

Who Invented the First Vape? 

The modern vape pens are not the first e-cigarettes, also called ‘primitive e-cigarettes .’ However, if you want to be the first inventor of primitive e-cigarettes, it can be a bit complicated as there were multiple attempts to create successful e-cigarettes. All of these trials began with Joseph Robinson’s patent in 1930. 

Also, another essential invention of earlier e-cigarettes, which is worth mentioning, is Herbert A. Gilbert’s patent in 1965. There was another invention of e-cigarettes by Normal Jacobson and Phil Ray in 1979, but it was only in 2003 that we got the commercially successful e-cigarette. 

The Invention of the Modern Vape

Who Invented the Modern Vape? 

The inventor of modern vape pens, or e-cigarettes, is Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist. He produced the first commercially successful e-cigarette (vape pen) in 2003. He invented the e-cigarette after his father’s death. His father was a smoker and died due to lung cancer. Hon Lik wanted to create something similar to cigarettes but less (relatively) harmful. 

Hon’s notion is to create a device that vaporizes a nicotine solution within a device. It resembles a cigarette as it uses a piezoelectric ultrasound element. The device does not burn the tobacco; instead, it uses a heating element to heat the liquid solution (nicotine) to create a vape. This device is also known as cig-a-like due to its cigarette-like appearance. 

Vaping Vs Smoking 

The primary or core difference between smoking and vaping is how it works. In smoking, the tobacco is burnt to produce nicotine, which also brings smoking-related health hazards. On the other hand, vaping does not burn tobacco; instead, it heats a nicotine solution to form a vapor and provides nicotine in a less harmful method. 

  • Nicotine

Both smoking and vaping produce nicotine. The main difference between vaping and smoking is that smoking burns tobacco to produce nicotine while vaping only heats a nicotine solution to create nicotine vapor.

The Invention of the Modern Vape

Introduction of E-cigarette in the US market 

E-cigarettes have created a stronghold in the US market since their introduction. The modern vape was invented in 2003, but it took a few years to reach the US market. Only after 2007 did stylish vape or e-cigarettes become available in the US market. However, within a few years, the vape industry witnessed a boom. 

It gained significant popularity in the US market. Many companies experiment with the product to make it more adaptable and popular. Several companies earned a global reputation for producing advanced vape pens. 

Still, many start-ups look forward to entering this flourishing and highly potent industry. The leading companies continuously work hard to bring revolutionary change in vape devices and pods. 

The growing popularity of Modern Vaping 

In one word, modern vaping has become a big sensation globally. Both the use of nicotine and cannabis through vape pens has accelerated significantly in recent times. It has become hugely popular, especially among teenagers and young adults/ adults. Both nicotine and cannabis vape pens are now available in disposable and reusable versions. 

Besides, they also come in various flavors, colors, shapes, and sizes. A nicotine vape pen can work as an excellent alternative to the traditional cigarette, providing a less harmful method to consume nicotine. Today’s users have a wide range of options for choosing their favorite device, design, and flavor for vaping. 

The Invention of the Modern Vape


The modern e-cigarette (invented in 2003) was the first commercially successful e-cigarette or vape pen that does not burn tobacco to produce nicotine. With time and continuous invention, we have many advanced forms of the modern vape pen. 

Today, you can vape nicotine and cannabis using the same vape pen or opt for disposable options. However, there is still debate regarding the fact that vape pens are a safer alternative to smoking. But, in a way, it is true. So, it is a useful device for people looking to quit cigarettes

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