19 July 2024
Is It Bad to Hit a Burnt Vape? Know Everything About It

A dry hit or the sour flavor of a burned coil are potential issues that could arise during vaping sessions. But is it bad to hit a Burnt vape? Everyone who has tried vaping has felt this, and it’s one of the worst feelings ever. Regardless, vapers often attempt to prolong the lifespan of a coil by experiencing the pain until it becomes evident that a replacement is necessary. 

When dealing with burned hits, it is pretty important to think about the hazards of vaping. It may not seem like much, but striking a charred vape might have serious health consequences.

A Burnt Vape: What Is It?

One of the problems that vape users will eventually encounter is a burned vape. Burnt vapes may provide excruciatingly awful vaping experiences even though vapes are pretty handy and sometimes lauded for offering an excellent puffing experience with elaborate designs. A burned coil and improper heating of your e-juice can result in a burnt flavor that lingers with every puff.

It is impossible to miss the charred coil because of its distinctive black color and sharp odor. You should always ensure that the e-liquid constantly extends beyond the atomizer coils to prevent them from being directly burned. Fortunately, prevention is typically simpler than repair. Also, to keep your coils running smoothly and for longer, you should change them often.

Is It Bad to Hit a Burnt Vape? Health Issues

Burnt vape may cause the following health problems:

1. Breathing in Toxic By-Products

Vaping e-liquid requires a coil that is not overheated. On top of that, these coils release harmful compounds into the environment. Formaldehyde, acrolein, and other toxic substances are among these waste products. Inhaling these chemicals from a burned vape may adversely affect your health.

2. Discomfort in the Respiratory System

The harmful compounds released by a burned vaporizer threaten respiratory health. Discomfort in the region of your throat is possible. Your condition might worsen if you cough suddenly. Inflammation of the respiratory tract is another possible complication in extreme cases. The situation may become nasty if you keep pressing the burned vape button.

3. Effect on the Lungs

Overheating the coil and producing a burned flavor is more likely to occur with a fake or low-quality vaporizer. These coils are prone to having more hazardous byproducts when they produce vapor. Severe lung damage may result from inhaling both low-quality vapor and a burned coil.

How Can A Burnt Taste Be Identified?

Is It Bad to Hit a Burnt Vape? Know Everything About It

Here are a few methods to identify the burned flavor that a coil might cause.

  • Bitter and acidic Taste

Those who have experienced burned flavor when vaping has characterized it as harsh, charred, acidic, and bitter. Flavors in your e-liquid will not be detectable. There will be a more noticeable and unpleasant burned flavor.

  • Inadequate Vapor Production

A significant indicator of a burned coil in a vaporizer is a decrease in vapor production. There will be a dramatic drop in vapor production when you reach an overheated coil. No vapor will condense into a cloud. The vapor will have a lighter, more ethereal quality, with a thinner, wispier texture.

  • Throat Pain

Making vapor clouds from e-liquid won’t be good if you’re a frequent vaper. However, the burnt and harsh smoke might make your throat and lungs uncomfortable. Overheating the vape coil might cause an illogical coughing fit after inhaling the vapor.

  • Nasty Odor

An unpleasant odor often accompanies the taste of burned and charred food. This aroma is easily identifiable, between a burning and toasty aroma. Thus, heat, smell, and taste define a vape that imparts a burned flavor.

How to Prevent Your Vape from Creating Burnt Hits?

Is It Bad to Hit a Burnt Vape? Know Everything About It

The following are some techniques to prevent the burnt hit from vape:

  • Modify Your Vaping Methods 

You may enhance the likelihood of a burned hit by taking short, frequent puffs on your vape pen. Also, ensure the atomizer or coil absorbs enough e-liquid by waiting 15 to 20 seconds between puffs.

  • Keep Away from Cold Temperatures 

A decrease in temperature causes your e-liquid’s viscosity to rise. If your e-liquid thickens, it will be more challenging to get into the atomizers and wicks. Store your items at 0-25°C for the optimal vaping experience.

  • Verify the Level of Your e-liquid Before Vaping 

Make sure you have enough e-liquid in your gadget before you inhale. This is a simple habit to form that will protect you from burned strikes caused by insufficient e-liquid.


Take measures whenever you use a vaping device since, in the end, it’s crucial to know that striking a burned vape might have serious health consequences. Make the necessary adjustments to your device’s temperature and power settings.

Always replace worn-out coils and put your vaporizer away if you detect an off-vape flavor or odor; these might be signs of burns and require a new device. Learning ways to charge the device is also essential.

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