19 May 2024
Can You Dab Oil Cartridges?

Cannabis oil is the most popular and widely identified form of cannabis. It is typically extracted from the flowers of the cannabis plant. The oil can either be in its naturally thick and sticky consistency or can be further concentrated to produce dabs. To make a dab, a solvent like Co2 or butane is used to extract the THC, which is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. But can you dab oil cartridges?

THC can have various effects on mental state, which include visual changes, mood alterations, and physiological impacts. Further in this article, we will explore more about the possibilities of dab oil cartridges.

Dabbing the Oil Cartridges: An Overview

The term “dabbing” refers to the act of smoking small amounts of concentrated cannabis oil. This oil is heated on a small hot surface called a nail. An electronic version of the nail is known as an e-nail, which is also available and can be used easily. The heated oil is then inhaled through a device called a dab rig or a quartz container.

You can purchase a cost-effective electronic oil rig known as an e-rig if you choose to dab while traveling. This option is more effective than using a concentrate pen. E-rigs typically run on battery or electric power and are smaller than standard dab rigs, resulting in the use of smaller amounts of oil.

Can You Dab Oil Cartridges?

What are Dab Pens?

Dab pens are portable devices that are used for vaping wax concentrates, known as dab wax pens. These devices are particularly favored by experienced cannabis vapers who need an effective vaporizing experience.

They offer a portable alternative to traditional dab rigs. Typically, dab pens function through conduction heating. The user places a thicker concentrate, known as a “dab,” into a chamber where a ceramic coil or heating mechanism heats it.

Type of Oil in Vaping Cartridges 

Using an oil concentrate with a dab rig is one of the popular methods to consume cannabis oil vapor through disposable vape pens. The oil needs to have a thin consistency, which allows it to flow and coat within the vape pen cartridge, reaching the coils. This oil heats up and produces vapor at the appropriate temperature.

Vape pens are a simple and convenient option to use compared to dab rigs. It is because they eliminate the need to heat a nail or e-nail. However, new users trying to vape a wax concentrate can try wax dab pens or disposable dab pens. Cannabis oil cartridges with filled liquids are easily available in the market, while options for dab pen cartridges are limited.

Can You Dab Oil Cartridges?

Aspects to Consider While Dabbing Oil Cartridges 

When using cannabis oil with a dab rig, there are specific variables to keep in mind, including the distinction between vaping cannabis oil and using regular wax, as well as ensuring its safety. Here are the aspects:

  • Temperature

If the user dabs in a rig or e-rig, it is heated at a temperature of around 700° Fahrenheit, which is considered a very high temperature. In the vape pen, there are red hot coils at the bottom that heat up the oil and produce vapor. In regular dabbing heating, cannabis wax only reaches temperatures between 350° and 400° Fahrenheit.

The lower heat in vaping is unable to heat the coils and reach a temperature where oil turns into vapor without any major changes in its chemical composition. Due to this difference in heat, cannabis oil in a vape pen cartridge cannot handle the higher temperatures used in a dab rig with a butane torch.

  • Chemical Composition

There are strict regulations about the additives found in cannabis oil used in vape cartridges. These self-regulating laws make additives and oils that change viscosity or create a vapor cloud. However, the safety of heating certain additive oils to adjust viscosity for vaping is the major concern mentioned in the regulatory act.

Common additives include MCT, PG, and VG. The oil with additional additives in a dab rig reaches higher temperatures than vaping and is affected severely by these additives. There is a noticeable difference in taste and can increase coughing. Learn more about how to make vape juice without PG or VG.

Thus, compounds like PG, PEG, and MCT can turn into carcinogenic substances while heating these additives with an e-nail. Glycerin is one of the popular additives which is used in cannabis oils at high temperatures. Thus, it breaks down into acrolein and causes lung irritation and an unpleasant smell.


According to the discussion, it is recommended to use a pen with adjustable heat settings to avoid overheating the oil and any additives it may contain. It is important to note that when dabbing involves higher heat levels, the oil may taste bitter, and the additives may produce compounds that have carcinogenic properties. 

Therefore, it is not advisable to dab these oils. Instead, use concentrates specifically used for dabbing with a better and healthier experience. There are some options for using your saved oil. You can transfer it to a new cartridge and have it by dropping it under your tongue.

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