24 June 2024
How to Recharge an Esco Bar? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Esco Bars are skillfully crafted disposable vapes that include a variety of flavors and long battery life. It is relatively easy to use and very convenient simultaneously because, since it is disposable, there is no necessity to refill, recharge, or maintain the vape. But do you know how to recharge an Esco Bar?

Sometimes you might want to squeeze a few more puffs from your Esco Bar because you’re enjoying the flavor or there’s no spare one around. Fortunately, Esco Bars have a hidden feature, and you may recharge them using a micro USB cable. Further in this article, we will explain how to do it by following simple steps.

What is An Esco Bar?

An Esco Bar is a pre-filled disposable vape device that packs 5% nicotine salt e-liquid and is powered by a 550mAh battery. An Esco Bar has about 1500 puffs, which approximately equals 60 cigarettes. Esco Bars were created with ease and convenience of usage in mind. Hence it becomes more important to understand how to recharge an Esco Bar.

How to Recharge an Esco Bar? (Step-by-Step Guide)

There is no need to go through the hassle of refilling, recharging, or maintenance. Simply light up with every exhale and take delight in its taste. You simply dispose of the storage unit and buy a new one when the battery or the e-liquid goes down. 

However, some of them who will consider recharging their Esco Bars to enhance their longevity will stay with them, and there lies their money, too. Luckily, Esco Bars allocates a micro USB charging port on the bottom for recharging purposes that can be done with any regular USB cable.

How to Recharge An Esco Bar?

Recharging an Esco Bar is straightforward. But if you want to know how to recharge an Esco bar in the easiest way, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Step 1: Find a micro USB cable fitted into the charging port of your Esco Bar. You may use the same that came along with your phone, tablet, or any other device.
  • Step 2: Insert one end of the cable into a charging port on your Esco Bar and another into a socket from a power source like a wall adapter, laptop, or power bank.
  • Step 3: Leave your Esco Bar and wait for the LED light to turn green, signifying that the battery is fully charged. Depending on the power source and the battery being depleted, this may take about an hour.
  • Step 4: Disconnect the cable from your Esco Bar and its power source. Now, your Esco Bar is ready to use again.

How Long Does it Take to Recharge An Esco Bar?

A discharged battery on an Esco Bar can take around 2 hours to recharge with any ordinary charger. Nevertheless, the charging time will be lessened if the battery has been partially drained

How to Recharge an Esco Bar? (Step-by-Step Guide)

One must be cautious because some Esco Bars do not recharge, and it may be unsafe or unapproved by the maker to recharge them. Thus, you must always follow all directions and precautions that come with the device.

What is the Capacity Of An Esco Bar Battery?

On the other hand, an Esco Bar battery has a capacity of 1000mAh. This means it can hold 1000 milliamps of current for one hour. How long your Esco Bar will last depends on how often you use it and which flavor and model is in the device. 

Some can be recharged while others cannot, such as some Esco Bars. You should, therefore, go through your Esco Bar’s instructions and specifications before using or recharging it.

Tips and Warnings Before Using An Esco Bar

  • Recharging the Esco Bar might not return the original flavor in use and performance. The e-liquid may lose potency or taste with time, while the coil might burn or be clogged. Therefore, recharging your Esco Bar only once or twice and replacing it with a new one is recommended.
  • Do not overcharge your Esco Bar battery, as it may lead to severe damage to a battery and discharge, overheating, or even an explosion. Watch the process and always pull out the cable when charging the battery.
  • Do not use any defective or incompatible cable or power source to charge your Esco Bar, as this may cause a short circuit or fire. Always use a certified and reliable cable and power source compatible with your Esco Bar’s necessary specifications.
  • Do not expose your Esco Bar to extreme temperatures, high humidity, or direct sunlight, as these may disturb the battery and the quality of the e-liquid. Do not leave the Esco Bar in a cool, dry, dark place when it is not in use.
  • Never try conveying, dismantling, or fixing your Esco Bar, as this may cancel the warranty apart from causing harm. Contact the manufacturer or vendor for guidance if your item is defective or damaged.


So how to recharge an Esco Bar? We hope our article make sense to you. Esco Bars are disposables that provide convenience and satisfaction in vaping. However, if you want to squeeze in a few more puffs from your Esco Bar, recharge them by following the easy steps below using a micro USB cable. Remember to follow the tips and warnings above to ensure a safe and enjoyable vaping experience.

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