12 April 2024
Live Resin Vs Live Rosin

Two unique cannabis concentrates known for their excellent purity and potency are live resin and live rosin. But do you know the difference between Live resin vs Live rosin? The terpenes and cannabinoids of newly harvested cannabis plants are preserved when making Live Resin. This freezing technique produces a tasty and fragrant concentrate with a high THC concentration.

Live Rosin, on the other hand, is a solvent-free extract created by heating and compressing cannabis flower or hash. For their purity and potent sensory effects, Live Resin and Live Rosin have both grown in favor among cannabis fans. Also, read about live resin vs distillate carts in our latest blogs.

Major Differences Between Live Resin and Live Rosin

Live Resin and Live Rosin have become well-liked options in the world of cannabis concentrates for cannabis aficionados looking for strong and tasty experiences. These extracts are well-known for their distinctive manufacturing processes and distinctive properties.

The main variations between live resin and live rosin, as well as their methods of extraction, are described here.

  1. Extraction Method

Let’s know the difference in the extraction method of both Live Resin and Live Rosin. 

  • Live Resin: 

Live resin extraction is a challenging operation requiring a specialized skill set. After harvest, the entire plant is cryogenically frozen. A mild hydrocarbon solvent, such as butane or propane, is then used to extract the living resin, which is then removed from the final product before ingestion.

Because it needs specialized cryogenic equipment and extremely flammable light hydrocarbon solvents, this extraction technique is more complicated than others. This article explains how to create living resin in greater detail.

  • Live Rosin:

Cannabis buds, hash, kief, or trim are subjected to extreme heat and pressure to produce standard rosin. When the cannabis material is compressed, the resin melts off of the plant material and squeezes out onto parchment paper for subsequent collecting.

Live rosin, which is similar to live resin, is made from marijuana buds that have undergone low-temperature processing to protect their cannabinoids and terpenes. The resin is removed using this method without the use of solvents, though. This is why some cannabis users who are concerned about their health choose this extract made without solvents. However, before any living resin goods reach the customer, they undergo a thorough solvent removal process.

Live Resin Vs Live Rosin
  1. Characteristics

If you are thinking of using any one of them, it is beneficial to know about their characteristics. So, here it is!

  • Live Resin:

After extraction, live resin is supple and malleable. As you can see here, it has a gorgeous golden hue and a sweet texture. It is quite powerful and frequently regarded as a high-end product. It may be used to make a variety of goods, including sauce, worse, wax, sugar, spice, pull-and-snap, and diamonds via diamond mining. Live resin may be used to fill a vape oil cartridge instead of distillate.

  • Live Rosin: 

Live rosin may match even the greatest solvent-based cannabis extracts when it is expertly made from the right ingredients. The method used to finish the rosin will decide the ultimate consistency. The typical cold cure finish, which results in a “badder” type consistency, is what most makers will choose. By changing the character, it may also be made into vape cartridges.

  1. Flavor

Here is the difference of flavors between the Live Resin and Live Rosin. 

  • Live Resin:

Live resin is highly valued for its amazing flavor, scent, and color. Processors are better able to maintain the cannabinoids and terpenes of the plant since the buds are newly frozen. Hydrocarbons do not harm as many volatile terpenes because of their comparatively low boiling points. Comparing the technique to most extracts, it yields a more favorable flavor profile overall.

  • Live Rosin:

The terpene profile of this finished product is dependent upon the beginning material, just like any other cannabis concentrate. For instance, employing high-quality ice water hash might result in live rosin that closely resembles the flavor and scent of the cannabis strain when it is at its ripest. The flavor and aroma of the resulting live rosin will be diminished if you use poor-quality bubble hash.

Live Resin Vs Live Rosin
  1. Cost

Another significant difference between Live Resin and Live Rosin is their costs. So, let’s know in detail. 

  • Live Resin:

Live resin is affordable for cannabis users because of advancements in extraction technology and other market factors. To address the rising demand for terpene-rich extracts, processors have simply scaled their throughput and quality.

  • Live Rosin:

As live rosin needs much more labor than solvent-based extracts, it is typically more expensive for the customer to choose. The outcome is a more costly product due to the combination of this and the small batch artisanal technique used by many of the most excellent hash companies.

What Does It Mean When Rosin and Resin Are Live?

Traditionally, dried and cured marijuana flowers and trim are used to create cannabis concentrates. However, the cannabis plant’s temperature-sensitive terpenes may be significantly lost during the typical drying and curing process, which tries to eliminate excess moisture, carbohydrates, and chlorophyll in the cannabis plant.

After the flower buds have been removed, the plant branches are dried for a few weeks by hanging them up or placing them on a screen. The buds are clipped, put in an airtight container, and let to cure for at least a month or more for superior flavors and scent when they have adequately dried.

To prevent the evaporation of terpenes with low boiling points during the extraction process, while concentrates are “live,” processors instantly freeze the marijuana bud and trim the material instead of drying and curing it. Low temperatures prevent the resin glands from deteriorating.

Live Resin Vs Live Rosin


Cannabis aficionados must grasp the critical distinctions between live resin and live rosin. Due to its unique extraction process, Live Resin claims potency and rich terpene profiles, whereas Live Rosin takes pride in its solvent-free, artisanal technique, which preserves terpenes through heat and pressure. Both have distinctive properties that cater to various preferences in the ever-changing cannabis consumption industry.

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