19 July 2024
Is It Safe to Use a Cracked Vape Cartridge?

We all understand the sheer disappointment sparks at the very first glance at your vape cartridge and find out it is broken. Though there is no way you can reverse the situation, you might also want to keep using it to prevent loss. But is it safe to use a cracked vape cartridge for long time?

The thought of safety in term of using a cracked vape cartridge is a big question mark in using broken vape cartridges. It can lead to inhaling harmful substances, burns, or cuts. So, in one word, vaping from a broken is not recommended as it is not safe. Below, we will explain the matter in more detail.

How to Figure Out a Severely Broken Cartridge?

It is normal for vape cartridges to develop minor cracks, wear, and tear over time. However, you must be able to identify when it is severely damaged and not at all safe to use. Here are a few ways you can figure out a severely broken cartridge –

Is It Safe to Use a Cracked Vape Cartridge?

1. Visible Cracks

Minor cracks on vape cartridges like thca vape cartridges that come with wear and tear (often invisible) are common and might not cause serious issues; visible cracks indicate a severely damaged or broken cartridge. You must identify severe cracks or damage to inspect your entire vape cartridge visually. Brakes, cracks, or punctures on casting, damaged sides, or mouthpieces are all red signals. Remember, hairline cracks or fractures can lead to leak oil leakage and inhaling hazards, while severe damage indicates an unsafe cartridge. 

2. Unusual Taste or Smell

When you try to use a broken cartridge, you may notice a change in smell or taste due to chemical leakage (resulting in degraded or altered smell and taste). Stop using the cartridge immediately if you witness any odd taste or smell like metal, plastic, or methanol-like chemicals. Sudden change in taste and smell (especially if it’s off) indicates chemical leakage hazards. So, to maintain your safety and enjoy vaping without any risks, stop using broken cartridges immediately. 

3. Oil Leakage

A vape cartridge can leak oil when broken or damaged severely. Look closely for any seepage or leakage from the cartridge walls, mouthpiece, or sides. If you find any leakage from your vape cartridge, do not use them again. Also, remember that a stain on the vape pen or batteries indicates constant oil leakage from the cartridge. 

Is It Safe to Use a Cracked Vape Cartridge?

You might wonder if you can still manage to use your cracked cartridge without any serious safety hazards. But the straight and simple answer is no, you cannot; moreover, you must not try to use them because safety comes first.

Here are some common hazards you can expect when you choose to vape from a cracked cartridge –

1. Cuts and Burns on Mouth and Throat

Cracks on the sides of the mouthpiece lead to exposed interiors that open the heating system. Cracks, punctures, and damages often lead to open and sharp edges. When your mouth comes in contact with a broken or cracked cartridge, it causes cuts, scraps, and burns on the throat and mouth.

These injuries can lead to the risks of infections and trigger other serious issues. Also, continuous cuts and burns can cause severe damage. So, if you do not want to hurt yourself, you should stop using cracked cartridges immediately. 

2. Chance to Inhale Harmful Chemicals/Substances

Cracked cartridges cause oil or extract leakage. The continuous oil or substance leak leads the content to come out of the cartridge and reach the mouthpiece. As a result, when you try to vape from a cracked cartridge, you inhale these raw substances. According to an NIH study in 2022, most vape cartridge contains nicotine, flavoring additives, THC, etc. Consuming these raw substances in unwanted amounts can lead to several health hazards, including dizziness, nausea, lung irritation, etc. 

3. Fire Hazards 

Lastly, using damaged or cracked cartridge often cause fire hazards. A vape pen‘s heating system is designed to heat up almost 250° C to make the substance inhalable. A cracked cartridge leads to continuous oil or extract leakage. The leaked oil or substance can reach the heating component. Remember, these substances are flammable, and when they come directly with the heating component, it leads to short circuits, sparks, and fires. 

Alternatives To Try If Your Vape Cartridge Keeps Cracking

Even after safe and responsible usage, you may face a cracked cartridge, so you must try other options for a hassle-free experience. Here are some popular alternatives of vape cartridges you can try – 

  • Wax Pen:

    Wax pens use wax concentrate instead of oils, reducing the chances of health or fire hazards. 
  • Dab Rigs:

    Dab rigs are also a good alternative to vape pens, using wax concentrate with water filters.
  • Dry Herb Vaporizer:

    Using a dry herb vaporizer also eliminates the chances of oil leakage-related problems.


So is it safe to use a cracked vape cartridge? Cracked cartridges are a common issue that most vape users struggle with. Using a cracked cartridge causes several issues, including health hazards, fire hazards, cuts, and burns. While you cannot prevent the cracks and related problems, you can try other alternatives for a hassle-free vaping experience.   

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